Retail Merchandising: Spot the Common Denominator

Retail Merchandising

Brands located at retail: look at these four images – does anything stand out? Any common theme come to mind? If your thoughts go right to planogram compliance then we are on the same page. If not, well, perhaps it should be.

When it comes to retail merchandising, planogram compliance is crucial. If you are a brand located at retail, you trust that the section planogram is displayed to exact specifications. But what if it isn’t? What if your products are not located on the correct shelf, or facings and product mixture is incorrect? You pay listing fees so you expect a certain amount of real estate! If planograms are not set to brand specifics, you may lose out, thereby decreasing your overall exposure and ROI.

So how can you accomplish this? Instead of just shipping out your product and hoping for the best, why not hire a company to audit planogram compliance for you. Or, if you are able to execute the setting of the planogram, why not have a company execute your section to your exact specifications and/or audit your share of shelf and send you photographs of the completed project so you can be sure that your brands are being represented on shelf correctly.

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