Spread the Love with Your Valentine’s Day Experiential Marketing Campaign

Trying to ramp up your sales and exposure but having trouble figuring out how to engage consumers? Why not leverage an experiential marketing campaign that takes advantage of holidays like Valentine’s Day to influence consumer buying! An effective experiential marketing event that influences individual purchases can yield major results.

It is easy to make the claim that experiential marketing is influential, but that doesn’t mean that you have to believe it. Need more evidence, don’t worry, we’ve got it! Event Marketing Institute’s¬†EventTrack: Event Marketing Industry Annual Forecast & Best Practices Study found some pretty intriguing results with regard to experiential marketing. If you want to know how influential experiential marketing is, just check out the stats that they uncovered:

71% of the study’s respondents reported that they felt more positive about a company or brand after an experiential marketing event.

58% of those surveyed said that they ended up purchasing a product after an experiential marketing event.

86% of those consumers surveyed said that they became regular customers of a brand or service after en experiential marketing event (That’s HUGE!!!).

So how can you leverage a Valentine’s Day experiential marketing campaign and get the most bang for your buck?? It is easy. An experiential marketing agency that offers a plethora of merchandising services can help you make the most of a Valentine’s Day experiential marketing campaign. Here are just a few examples:

Get people excited about your product. A campaign that allows consumers to interact with your representatives and sample your product is a good start. Presenting your product through a live product demonstration associated with Valentine’s Day will be sure to capture those who are excited about the season and eager to spend to purchase your product and perhaps even shift their brand loyalty. The same technique could be used for food products sold at the retail level.

Catch those stragglers. Grab those last minute shoppers by setting up as close to Valentine’s Day as possible. An experiential marketing campaign is going to be the most effective if consumers are thinking about the holiday. Those shoppers (ahhem males, sorry guys) that typically leave their Valentine’s Day shopping till the last minute always seem to need help finding the perfect gift, so let your experiential marketing event help them ‘discover’ exactly what that perfect gift is!

Ensuring that you have the best front line staff is crucial where experiential marketing campaigns are concerned. This is your opportunity to influence shoppers who otherwise way not have considered your product. An experiential marketing agency that can deliver results through their merchandising services can help you achieve results, especially if you are considering a last minute campaign.

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day by enlisting the expertise of an experienced experiential marketing agency that offers a suite of merchandising services. For more information, please contact Marketsupport at 1-877-421-5081 or visit www.storesupport.ca.

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