Visual Merchandising: Creating an Emotional Connection

Visual Merchandising smWe’ve talked a great deal in the past about appealing to consumers on various levels, whether through visual marketing, experiential retailing, even through the psychology of colour. When it comes to visual merchandising, there is so much to consider, from known customer wants, to influencers, to prices, etc. But what about what customers don’t know they want?

Check out this fantastic article from VMSD, “Measuring the Non-Conscious Mind of Shoppers,” In it, the author deals with the ever-growing population of what he calls ‘ACES’ – always-connected, experience-driven shoppers. These are the consumers using their devices to research products, looking to online reviews from both friends and strangers, and expecting far more from retailers in their overall purchasing decisions. It is this group, the article notes, which, when catered to, can lead to a 40% higher conversion rate.

So how do you appeal to the non-conscious mind of shoppers – this disruptive group in particular? Since ninety-five percent of purchase-making decisions are made in the subconscious mind, according to Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman, we need to be appealing to as many of the five senses as possible.

Sight, touch, taste, smell, sound. What your customers don’t necessarily understand is that these five things play a major role in their purchasing decisions, and thus provide you with immense power when harnessed. Effective visual merchandising needs to take a step up, providing consumers with an attractive sight, a welcoming sound, even a tangible touch. In grocery in particular, taste is a relatively easy one to take advantage of – the right experiential marketing campaign can yield major results.

Being successful at retail takes a careful balance of traditional and contemporary, the old and the new. Reaching consumers in 2016 is harder than ever, so employing the tools that can make more of an impact is critical. Appealing to customers on a sensory level will create a connection that lasts.

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